HOWTO organize a workshop/talk/event.

Suggested workshops and events

The following events are in planning stage. If you want to see one of these events happen sooner rather than later, you can just ask on IRC if some help is needed.

Semi-regular workshops and events

The next date will be announced as soon as it's set, but it can help to ask for a specific workshop on IRC or on the mailinglist - for the people holding the workshops, it's always encouraging to know there are people interested in that particular topic.

Lockpicking Workshop

We have semi-regular Lockpicking workshops where you learn the history and techniques of lockpicking. More info at Intro to Lockpicking

Introduction to Arduino

Learn the power of microcontrollers! See Arduino Introduction Workshop.

Lightning Talks

10-15 minute long lightning talk on something that keeps you up at night. Bring a short demo and a few slides and show us some coolness.


Study group and talks for everyone who wants to level up their Maths skills.

Suggested events and workshops

Board game night: Many hackers like board games. This could be a social Saturday evening where you get to try your fellow hacker's favorite game

Anti-procastination Hackathon: You know this project you've been meaning to start or continue for quite some time now? Let's dedicate a Saturday to sit down and get some work done, or even find new contributors!

Make your own Arduino: etching workshop

Learn welding: make stuff in metal with a welder

Gaming nite: Gaming nite with games such as Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory and movies like Endgame or Tron.

MakerBot - how it works, how to build one, how to use it.


Themed movie/discussion meetings: Show a movie (either documentary or a video of a lecture/presentation) on a hacking related topic. Then discuss it afterwards. Possibly invite special guests that have more "expertise" on the topic.

Wifi security workshop: Go through some simple wireless hacking techniques. Backtrack. WEP, WPA, WPA2. Lab, implications and discussion.

Networking workshop: Theory and practice of managing a distributed, chaotic network.

Free Software lessons in Inkscape, GIMP, Cinelerra, Kino, Blender, Drupal and more!

Trashware putting old hardware to good use with free software!

Show'n'tell and tech highlights Invite our hackers to show off their quad-copters, blinkenlights and robotic peripherals on an all-out social event.

First steps with Linux Help people install a free OS and teach them how to use it.


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